The Wind and the Wait

It’s already wintry here, with temperatures near freezing last night. The worst of it is the wind, which whips off the ocean and through the streets, assaulting anyone brave or stupid enough to be outside. I’ve also found that my ideas about dealing with the cold–formed in Texas as they were–are wholly inadequate. A Swedish friend actually had to teach me how to walk in the cold, with strides much longer and quicker than I thought possible.

It’s “freshers” week, so the school–and the pubs–are dedicated to welcoming first-year undergraduates. For the rest of us postgraduates it means lots of forms to fill out, bank accounts to open, phones to procure, and etc. Though there are an infinite number of errands to run, it mainly feels like we’re all in stasis, waiting for classes, papers, books, waiting for Monday to come so we can begin what we came here for. As for me, my first meeting with my supervisor is on Tuesday. Can’t wait. Can only wait.

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    Ruth Says:

    Is it a North Wind?
    Can you ride on the back of it, or is it just too cold?

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