Two Things Which Please Me

(1) The new Star Trek trailer. Okay, maybe it’s not that new, but today was my first time to see it. It was also my first time to click on an advertisement embedded in a website; well, sometimes I click on them if I think it will help keep a site running, but it was my first time to click on one out of interest in the content. Anyway…how much does this rule! Okay, the voiceover is pretty cheesy, but that’s to be expected. The guy who is playing Young Spock does not look like he could ever grow up to be as cool as Leonard Nimoy, but who could? Regardless, I’m quite pleased about this. Even the website is pretty rad (albeit without much content at this point).

(2) The fact that people regularly find this site by typing “caballo sex” into a search engine. Pretty much every time I check the blog stats, someone has come here for that very reason. For a while I flattered myself with the thought that people found my post “Sex Evangelism” interesting, but couldn’t remember the URL for the blog. And although that may account for some of the traffic, you’d have to really want to read that post to wade through three pages (at least on Google) of…well, you can imagine.



  1. 1
    Craig Says:

    Weird. I found it by searching “Yoder” and “sex.”

  2. 2
    Steph Says:

    Perhaps you should enter some “racier” posts…

  3. 3
    elcaballo Says:

    Craig: for that topic I’ll have to send you access to my “secret” blog. But just to give you a hint:

    Steph: See above. But perhaps I should “sex up” the blog a bit. Perhaps you can get some Mitte barbies to guest post for me every once in a while?

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