Yoder Comes Alive!!

The great Christian-anarchist website Jesus Radicals has just updated their website and simultaneously blown my freaking mind. Not only do they now have the internet’s best Jacques Ellul collection. Not only do they have previously hard-to-find Yoder articles from the Gospel Herald. But they have 10 minutes of video of Prof. John Howard Yoder rapping about why democracy is an ambiguous concept. Yoder has been my intellectual master for the past 5 years or so, and until about 15 minutes ago I’d never heard his voice or seen more than a couple of pictures of him (he died in 1997). I’m kind of freaking out.

Regent Bookstore has made available DVDs of a full lecture series Yoder did on New Testament Ethics. Umm, my birthday’s soon…anyone?!



  1. 1
    xie Says:

    hmm.. if only he were actually rapping. that would REALLY make it come alive.

  2. 2
    Tim Kumfer Says:

    me too, bro. I almost cried a little bit….wanna split the DVD set?

  3. 3
    6th Sense Says:

    Well, then, H.A.P.P.Y Birthday, Jamie. And it should arrive by your actual b-day!

    I suppose all who want a piece of the action will now have an excuse to visit you (d’ya’ think they’d not notice it’d be cheaper just to buy their own sets…).

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